5 ways to help your dog adjust when you go back to work post-lockdown.

COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions have certainly come with a set of challenges, but many people report the benefits of being home more, especially when it comes to bonding with their dog. Our ‘new normal’ has brought on a wave of new habits (both good and bad), but it is safe to say our dogs have loved every minute of having us home with them … Continued

5 ways to help your pet to live a happy and healthy life

I am sure all pet owners will agree that we want to make sure our pets live a happy and healthy life. As their carers’ it’s our role to provide them with the “essential makings” of a happy and healthy life. So, what exactly are the “essential makings” of a happy and healthy life for … Continued

Why green-lipped mussels?

You may have heard of green-lipped mussels (GLM) in connection with pet food and pet health, but most people don’t know what they are exactly and how they may benefit pets. However, knowledge is power and here at HEP we want to help you to make the most informed choices for your pets! With that … Continued

Can omega-3 fats benefit your pets?

You have likely heard about the benefits of omega-3 essential fats for humans, but have you ever wondered if your pet can also benefit from these fats? The reason these fats are called essential is because they cannot be made by the body and must be consumed via the diet. There are 3 main types … Continued

Should you give your pet treats?

I think it’s fair to say that every pet owner wants to treat their furry friends! In most cases, the way to a pet’s heart is through their stomach, so it only makes sense that treats are often in the form of food. So, what exactly are the benefits of giving pets a treat? Provides … Continued