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Can fibre benefit pets?

Just like humans, fibre is an important part of your pet’s diet. Specifically, fibre may help to:

  • Assist bowel movements and reduce odour;
  • Modulate immune function;
  • Support a healthy balance of gut bacteria by providing fuel for gut bacteria to consume; and
  • Reduce the caloric density of food which may assist with weight management which has a positive impact on reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease and stress on joints.

You may have come across the terms “prebiotic” and “fructooligosaccharide (FOS)on your HEP kibble ingredient list.

Prebiotics are a class of fibre which can be beneficial for pets. This is because they resist digestion and go straight to the colon to feed gut bacteria.

FOS is a prime example of a fibre which has a prebiotic effect, that not only may help to feed good gut bugs (which protect pets against harmful bacteria), but can also aid with mineral absorption from the foods your pet is eating.

If this has got you interested in your own gut health, some key prebiotic foods you can add to your down diet include; onions, garlic, leek, psyllium, asparagus, legumes, artichokes, apples, flaxseeds, banana, barley, oats, cashews, rye bread, wheat bran, wheat bread and watermelon.

Here’s to keeping everyones gut happy!