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How to tell if your cat loves you!

Cats are mysterious creatures, often mistakenly labelled as ‘moody,’ people ask the question – how do you know if your cat loves you? Just like humans, cats reveal a lot about themselves through non-verbal and even verbal communication. You do not need to be a crazy cat lady to understand your cat. Each posture and vocalisation can really tell you a lot about your cat’s personality and the nature of your relationship

If you want to finesse your feline communication skills, look no further – we have broken down 7 cat cues to help you better understand your cat!


1. They bring you presents 

If you are the owner of a cat, chances are you have been greeted with a dead animal on your doorstep. While it might seem revolting and unnecessary to us, to a cat it is a love letter. This behavior stems back to their big cat ancestors who train the young to hunt the prey and bring back the kill, so even to your domestic cat, this helps make you a family.  


2. They stare at you, blinking slowly  

Sounds kind of romantic, right? Cats typically avoid eye contact if they are feeling threatened. If they are feeling at ease, they will happily slow blink and even fall asleep. Some experts have dubbed the slow blink the “cat kiss”.  There is one thing for sure, strong eye contact means that your cat trusts you and is feeling the opposite of threatening.  


3. Purring  

Okay, purring sounds pretty obvious, but the act of a cat purring is the equivalent of a human smiling, naww! Cats release endorphins when they purr which is a great way for them to feel happy and content and often self-soothe. The soft-rumble is their way of telling you they are happy and they love you. 


4. They follow you around the house 

Sometimes a trip to the bathroom can feel like a family team meeting – especially when you have little ones and a dog or a cat. Following you around is a good indication that your cat realty loves you. All cats come with their own personalities and preferences. Some will show love by sitting on your lap or rubbing against your leg, others will take a less physical approach and follow you to show you they enjoy your companionship. Other times they might be hungry and just want some food.  


5. They reveal their belly  

Is there anything cuter than a cat rolling onto their back? Many cats are requesting a belly rub, some are not so bothered with a massage. When cats show their belly, they are sending a strong message they feel, relaxed and comfortable in your presence.  


6. Love bites!

Another sure-fire way to tell your cat loves you is when they nibble playfully. This is completely different from fearful or defensive bites that can cause harm. Little love bites from your cat are gentle and ticklish.  

Note: If your cat is being too rough or breaking through your skin, this is not a gentle love bite – it might be a sign they are getting irritated by you.  


7. They say “I love you” 

Cats are quite vocal creatures and often they are meowing at their owners because they feel comfortable and close to you. If a cat is around unfamiliar people, it is more likely to be completely quiet. Meowing and vocalizations are another way of showing vulnerability and trust. Cats talk to you because they want you to talk back too. Research shows that talking back to your cat builds a stronger relationship between you.