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Is your pet getting enough protein?

Protein is essential to your pet’s healthy and balanced diet. It is required for building and repairing muscles, skin, tendons and organs. It helps to form new healthy cells and to maintain healthy skin and coat. And it is vital for the formation and function of enzymes and hormones and keeping the overall  immune system strong.

In other words, protein is integral for your pet’s wellbeing. Fillers or by-products often replace the vital protein sources as this makes the manufacturing cost lower.


But not all protein was created equal!

All protein is made from building blocks known as amino acids. Different sources of protein vary in not just the content of essential amino acids, but also the digestibility or availability of these to your pet. Animal sources are easier to digest and contain high levels of essential amino acids and therefore provide high quality protein for your pet. Afterall, dogs and cats are carnivores that evolved eating animal proteins.

All pet food manufacturers are required to list the ingredients on the packaging in descending order of inclusion. This means, the first few listed items form the majority of the protein source. The more meat and fish based ingredients listed as number one, two and three, the better the source of protein your pet will receive.

When choosing your pet’s food, check how much protein it includes and from which sources!



How do I know my pet is getting enough protein?

There is no ultimate rule to answer this question. However, indicative signs of insufficient levels of protein can be poor condition of the hair, skin problems, low levels of energy and loss of a healthy appetite.

Generally, the higher the activity levels of your pet, the more protein they need. Puppies and kittens as well as pregnant pets require more protein than normal. If your pet has longer hair it is likely to require more protein as it can consume up to 35% of the protein for hair growth alone

Although like dogs, cats are also carnivores, they have evolved to be even more dependent on animal proteins in their diet. Cats have a higher dietary requirement for protein and the essential amino acids within it, than their canine friends. Cats are not little dogs and should be fed a high quality, high protein diet that has been specifically designed for cats.

So, is it all about the protein?

No, is the simple answer. A healthy complete and balanced diet should include high quality sources for essential vitamins, minerals and fat such as vegetables, superfoods and marine sourced omega 3 fatty acids.

Just like in our own healthy diet, the magic answer to your pet’s diet lies within a good balance of high quality ingredients.

This has formed the basis of the product development at Healthy Everyday Pets resulting into a leading range of complete and balanced food for your pet. The entire range is 100% Australian made, free from cheap fillers such as grains, potatoes, corn and legumes and ultra low on sugar and carbohydrates.

Why, because your pet deserves to eat healthy too!

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