Michael Ryan - Director

Michael Ryan is a Director and founder of Healthy Everyday Pets. His background in business has always been in Health and Fitness, being well known in the personal training industry for some of his celebrity clients who he has trained for movie roles. These include Hugh Jackman, Leiv Shreiber, James Marsden and Superman Brandon Routh. Michael pioneered Gym Media in Australia, starting and running the business over 12 years and eventually selling to Val Morgan. His love and passion for Health and Fitness is evident in the quality of food we produce at Healthy Everyday Pets. He currently has two cats in which one is a rescue as well as an outdoor pond for his gold fish, guppies and axolotl (Mexican walking fish). He has previously had three golden retrievers over his life with fond memories of them all. It was the loss of those dogs through disease which triggered his mind to providing better nutrition for healthier pets.

Jacques Kurdian - Director

Jacques Kurdian is a Director at Healthy Everyday Pets and oversees strategic operations. Before joining Healthy Everyday Pets, Jacques was an entrepreneur managing a diverse portfolio of property and financial assets. Jacques graduated from Sydney University and has completed courses in applied finance and investment, and real estate. Jacques enjoys keeping fit (Crossfit, Golf), watching football on weekends, and walking from Bondi to Bronte with his dog Coco. Throughout his years Jacques has had German Shepherds, Rottweilers (and their litter), a Shitzu-Jack Russell, and a Maltese-Shitzu named Gucci who lived to 18! Jacques loves seeing pet owner’s adoration for their fur babies, giving vindication we’re just big kids after all!

John Johnson - Finance Manager

John Johnson is the Finance Manager at Healthy Everyday Pets. John has extensive experience in logistics and before joining Healthy Everyday Pets, he has worked extensively in Europe and Asia before starting a business in property styling which was sold in 2019. John has always loved pets and has owned cats, and/or dogs all his life. The health and nutrition of animals has always been of keen interest to John as he sees this as being crucial in ensuring pets are not only healthy, but happy as well. Proud Pet parent to Louis the French Bulldog and George Frank the Russian Blue.

Sinead M'Gee - Head of Digital Marketing and E-Comm

Sinead is the brains behind Healthy Everyday Pets Marketing and e-Commerce site. With a background in Journalism and Social Media, Sinead has worked with some of Australia’s leading retailers in Beauty and Retail. Being the daughter of one of Australia’s leading Animal Nutritionist, Sinead has first-hand experience in understanding the ins and out of pet nutrition. Although Sinead is yet to own a fur baby of her own, she often spends time dog-sitting her family puppies Boo and Ollie.