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My boy looks better than he ever has!

I would just like to give my personal experience with using Healthy Everyday Pets dog food. Those who know me know that I am most cynical when it comes to dry dog food.
I have whippets and greyhounds. I have 1 greyhound that has sadly had intestinal issues ever since he was 11-12 weeks of age and he is now almost 3 years old. I have another with food allergies. Due to this, I am most careful as to what I feed as it doesn’t take much to put my poor babies into the vets on a drip. Then I have a boy here that is just plain fussy and refuses to eat any type of dry kibble unless he has LOTS of meat in it.
So after speaking to Julie Wilkinson about the food she was selling and using herself. I decided to give it a try. Julie provided me with a bag to try on the 3 that I have to be very careful with. As I told her IF they did well on it all my others would. I have spent so much money on trying to get something that they can eat and actually get nutrients from.
After trying everything I have (and it’s a LOT of different foods over 3 years!) My boy looks better than he ever has! He is holding his weight, pooping better and eating a lot less than what he used to! He used to get 3cups dry kibble and 1 kilo of meat a day in order to keep his weight on! Since starting him on Healthy Everyday Pets kibble (only 2 weeks ago!) he now is only getting 600gms of meat and 1.5 cups of kibble! Best thing is that he is holding his weight great! With a coat that just glows!
My girl with allergies now has a perfect coat and is so much happier… crazy fussy whippet boy will eat this kibble completely DRY! Even though we do always feed meat, when I go away to dog shows I only bring kibble. That now is no longer a problem as everyone is eating fantastically!
I would just like to say a huge Thank you to my friend Julie Wilkinson for having patience with me while I made up my mind before fully committing to this food. In saying that, I could not be happier!!!

Kanati Whippets & Greyhounds