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Ocean Fish & Salmon

Skye –

Having a dog with allergies as well as difficulty maintaining weight has meant I’ve tried nearly every premium dog food on the market, after trying the Healthy Everyday Pets range I think I can finally stop searching for that perfect food for my dog(it’s only taken 9 years). I’ve been feeding Healthy Everyday Pets since shortly after it launched. First, the Athlete range, which was wonderful for my active Boxer who really struggled to maintain her weight. Now she’s getting older and grey I’ve moved her to the new Ocean Fish and Salmon range and I’m so happy with the results. She loves it! She has also gone through a leg surgery a few years ago and since being on the fish range I’ve noticed she seems to be stiff in that legless and really enjoying racing down the beach again. As an ex Vet Nurse and qualified Dog Trainer, I also love not only how amazing the quality of the ingredients is in this food but also the fact that it’s so tasty for dogs, it can be used as training treats as well. Not many kibbles are high value enough to get that result. I also have a board and train client with me right now who has switched to this food after being on a supermarket brand. Her teeth are cleaner, her coat is shinier and her overall energy has increased. Her owner is stoked and will also be switching her to this food. Another bonus with this company is their amazing customer service and care for the dogs they are feeding, I’ve never felt so valued by a pet food company and never have a received such personalised care when I have had enquiries about the product and ingredients. I cannot recommend this food enough, it is just amazing and I’m so happy to have a kibble range that is such good quality, I genuinely know I’m giving my dog, as well as clients dogs, the best on the market!