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Awesome product

My fussy dog Rocco absolutely loves these treats.
They don’t upset his stomach like other products.

Michelle Banks

Fussy cats give a 5 star review & so do I

I have switched my 2 cats and dog over to this high quality Australian brand and they love it. Full approval was not a surprise from my “I’ll chomp down on anything Collie cross’ but the cats are hyper fussy and I’ve wasted money previously on food they reject so I’m delighted that they love this brand and are all the healthier for it. I’m so pleased to be supporting a local business too. Its a win for all of us. Thank you.

Josie Crawford

Can’t recommend highly enough! Thank you!

I tried everything to help my cat stop vomiting fur balls twice a week and this is the only product that worked!! I’d tried cat lax, Royal Canin and other expensive foods formulated specifically for fur balls, feliway diffuser and had $300 of tests at the vet. Can’t recommend highly enough! Thank you!


Very happy pups

Have to be honest they are mad dogs when the boxes arrive and the unveiling! Wish I could film them. Very happy pups and Flo is def less itchy and bitey. Thanks.


Great new product

Have just started feeding this dry food and having some great results.
Dogs eating well, stools great lols and all having lovely shiny coats…..
Great service as well.
Lowenhyte Mini Smooth Dachshunds

Ians Cross

Great product

I got the free seafood dry cat food sample … my cat loved it …so I purchased both varieties from pet circle for him ..thank you


The Best Product

Hi My cat is looking amazing, he is not hungry all day like he was, his coat is sublime, he has lost a fat blob that was situated at the base of his tail, he also has more energy & zip. Love it for him.


Healthy and happy dogs

All my dogs absolutely love Healthy Everyday Pets food, we feed them the Athlete flavour and they all get very excited at feeding time. I couldn’t be happier as my dogs have all been so extremely healthy since they have been on this food. I highly recommend it to all my puppy owners.

Toni Keen

We Love This Food!

My two cavoodles, who are very fussy, absolutely love Healthy Everyday Pet food. It feels good to know that I am feeding my fur babies carefully curated nutrition with no nasties. We will definitely be using HEP for a long time!!

MichelleMichelle Tieleman

Great portion sizes

We purchased a few treats from the healthy everyday pets range – the roo trail mix is our dogs fave so far. Some treat companies cut jerky meats too big and I find my dog has a tendency to leave crumbs everywhere. The roo trail mix makes for perfect treat size for my pup


paleo for dogs – brilliant!

My dogs absolutely love the texture and flavour of the Healthy Everyday dry food. I don’t even need to put anything on top to encourage them to eat it. I’ve been paleo for 4 years myself and I’m so happy I can provide nutritious, well balanced and grain/legume free food for my furry family members! It’s the only pet brand I’m going to buy from now on!!


Great Product!

Since winning Best Exhibit In Show at the 2018 German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Victoria Specialty Dog Show, we have been feeding our winning dog exclusively on Healthy Everyday Pets food – “Rafa” is absolutely thriving on this food and he is beautifully muscled, coat is shiny and in excellent condition, and he absolutely loves the food AND the treats!

Lauren Schwerdt

Great quality product THANKYOU!

How lucky were we to recently meet the wonderful Julie from your team in Torquay whilst walking our 16wk German Shepherd puppy Melo! Julie introduced us to your products with a few samples and we are very impressed with the quality. ‘Athlete’ sample went down a treat with Melo and we will certainly be ordering more from your range. Also great that you have passionate and motivated team members like Julie! 🐾 thank you! @woof.melo


At last

I have been looking for an Australian made dog dry food for some time now that addresses my needs with my Great Danes. Just over six weeks now I have had my dogs on Healthy Everyday Pet, the Lamb and kangaroo flavoured dry food.

I am amazed at the changes in my dogs! Taylor’s skin rash has all but gone, the youngsters coats just have changed to sleeker and shinier. All of their conditions are better with less food given, and their stools half the amount and very firm, and trust me that does count when you have Great Danes!

Frieda Clifton

Dog loves it

My White Swiss Shepherd has a sensitive stomach, absolutely loves the the Pork and Turkey. Her droppings are smaller, drier and less offensive. Her coat and skin are in great condition.
I’m happy to have found this great product, my only negative comment is that the kibble is very crumbly, when I scoop it into the dog’s bowl half of it is like powder. Is this usual? We ordered online, and perhaps it doesn’t travel well?
I bought our first smaller bag from a shop and it wasn’t crumbly.

Cheryl Evans

Haven’t given my dog any other brand.

Being the owner of a Labrador means nutrition, diet & weight management all need to be kept in checked when considering what to feed Luna. For the past 2 years we’ve trusted Healthy Everyday Pets to deliver exactly what Luna needs to stay in peak health & they certainly deliver.

Low in sugar; low in Carbs; high in protein; made with all natural nutrient enriched ingredients & the cherry on the top Australian Made. Yep, we get all of this & more with HEP. Since launching on the market, I haven’t given Luna any other brand. That’s how happy I am with their products .

Kereen Hemphill

Finally a food not full of fillers & legumes!

After reading the ingredients of Healthy Everyday Pets Dog Food and being exceptionally impressed with its contents we gave it a go and happy to say it’s a real hit with our dogs.
The food itself is just good wholesome proteins which is extremely important to maintain a healthy diet for our dogs.
Their coat condition has noticeably improved as has their pigmentation, energy levels and overall health.
Finally a food not full of fillers & legumes.
We are most happy to recommend this brand of food to our family, friends & future puppy buyers.

Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell

My dogs coats and pigment are the best they’ve ever been!

Over the years I tried many dry dog foods with mixed results, but since starting them on Healthy Everyday Pets I wouldn’t try anything else. My Dogs coats and pigment are the best they have been in years I was adding a heap of supplements in there diet to compensate for what was lacking in previous foods since being on Healthy Everyday Pets I haven’t had to put any additives in the food as it is such a complete diet there is no need too.

My dogs just love the taste of the food and have heaps more energy and a lot less wastage!

Darlene Fennell

The dogs absolutely love it!

I was impressed by the ingredients of Healthy Everyday Pets Dog Food, so we gave it a go and have never turned back. Happy to say the dogs absolutely love it, even our fussiest eater. The overall quality ingredients can’t compare to other dog foods, no fillers, grains or legumes.

The food itself is good wholesome proteins which is important to maintain a healthy diet for our dogs. Especially keeping them in top condition for shows.

Their coat condition has noticeably improved as has energy levels and overall health. We are most happy to recommend this brand of food to future puppy buyers.

Ayla Douglas


I have owned Cavoodles for the past 5 years. Always feeding Healthy Everyday Pets products, my personal favorite is the Turkey & Pork.

It’s the perfect size biscuit for our Cavoodle. Their kibble is low in carbohydrate, high in animal protein and the treats are air-dried over 3 days at low temperatures, retaining all the flavour & enzymes, which is excellent for assisting in digestion!

I’m frequently getting compliments from strangers on my pups shiny coat. When asked what I do, I remind them that the outside reflects what on the inside.
And inside us is healthy everyday pets!


Full of nutrition and vitamins

I am an owner of show quality Dobermanns so their diet is something I am passionate about to ensure they are not only healthy but their coats and bodies need to be kept in pristine condition.

Recently my male Dobermann began to lose condition quite quickly and after the advice from Julie I began all of the dogs on Healthy Everyday Pet food, in particular, the Athlete recipe. Within 3 weeks my boy has gained weight again and all of the fur kids are looking fantastic. I have a young bitch who has been extremely successful in the ring from a young puppy.
Their energy levels are amazing and their coats are looking great!

I have chosen HEP for this simple reason that is a quality product full of nutrition and vitamins. The product speaks for itself.

Tracy Versteegen

BEST dry dog food ever

Hands down this is the best product on the market when it comes to canine meals!
I have a 13 year-old English staffy (who still gets mistaken for a puppy – she is so energetic) and I’ve tried her on almost every single dry dog food there is out there – most of which she refuses to eat or doesn’t agree with her tummy.
Healthy Everyday Pets however, she absolutely LOVES.
Not only does she find it delicious, I can be assured that it’s highly nutritious for her…thus helping to keep my not-so-young-anymore fur baby happy, healthy and full of life for more years to come!

Cindy B

Ocean Fish & Salmon

Skye –

Having a dog with allergies as well as difficulty maintaining weight has meant I’ve tried nearly every premium dog food on the market, after trying the Healthy Everyday Pets range I think I can finally stop searching for that perfect food for my dog(it’s only taken 9 years). I’ve been feeding Healthy Everyday Pets since shortly after it launched. First, the Athlete range, which was wonderful for my active Boxer who really struggled to maintain her weight. Now she’s getting older and grey I’ve moved her to the new Ocean Fish and Salmon range and I’m so happy with the results. She loves it! She has also gone through a leg surgery a few years ago and since being on the fish range I’ve noticed she seems to be stiff in that legless and really enjoying racing down the beach again. As an ex Vet Nurse and qualified Dog Trainer, I also love not only how amazing the quality of the ingredients is in this food but also the fact that it’s so tasty for dogs, it can be used as training treats as well. Not many kibbles are high value enough to get that result. I also have a board and train client with me right now who has switched to this food after being on a supermarket brand. Her teeth are cleaner, her coat is shinier and her overall energy has increased. Her owner is stoked and will also be switching her to this food. Another bonus with this company is their amazing customer service and care for the dogs they are feeding, I’ve never felt so valued by a pet food company and never have a received such personalised care when I have had enquiries about the product and ingredients. I cannot recommend this food enough, it is just amazing and I’m so happy to have a kibble range that is such good quality, I genuinely know I’m giving my dog, as well as clients dogs, the best on the market!

My boy looks better than he ever has!

I would just like to give my personal experience with using Healthy Everyday Pets dog food. Those who know me know that I am most cynical when it comes to dry dog food.
I have whippets and greyhounds. I have 1 greyhound that has sadly had intestinal issues ever since he was 11-12 weeks of age and he is now almost 3 years old. I have another with food allergies. Due to this, I am most careful as to what I feed as it doesn’t take much to put my poor babies into the vets on a drip. Then I have a boy here that is just plain fussy and refuses to eat any type of dry kibble unless he has LOTS of meat in it.
So after speaking to Julie Wilkinson about the food she was selling and using herself. I decided to give it a try. Julie provided me with a bag to try on the 3 that I have to be very careful with. As I told her IF they did well on it all my others would. I have spent so much money on trying to get something that they can eat and actually get nutrients from.
After trying everything I have (and it’s a LOT of different foods over 3 years!) My boy looks better than he ever has! He is holding his weight, pooping better and eating a lot less than what he used to! He used to get 3cups dry kibble and 1 kilo of meat a day in order to keep his weight on! Since starting him on Healthy Everyday Pets kibble (only 2 weeks ago!) he now is only getting 600gms of meat and 1.5 cups of kibble! Best thing is that he is holding his weight great! With a coat that just glows!
My girl with allergies now has a perfect coat and is so much happier…..my crazy fussy whippet boy will eat this kibble completely DRY! Even though we do always feed meat, when I go away to dog shows I only bring kibble. That now is no longer a problem as everyone is eating fantastically!
I would just like to say a huge Thank you to my friend Julie Wilkinson for having patience with me while I made up my mind before fully committing to this food. In saying that, I could not be happier!!!

Kanati Whippets & Greyhounds

Vanessa Taylor