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What’s your dog’s true age?

The golden rule of working out your dog’s age in “human years” was always to multiple every year in a dog’s life by 7. For example if your dog is 1, using this logic, its equivalent in human years is 7.

However, more recently a new formula has been developed to devise a more accurate way of calculating a dogs age and this is based on chemical changes in the dogs DNA.

The calculation is as follows: human age = 16 ln(dog age) + 31

This formula can look overwhelming and if you aren’t a numbers fan, no fear, we have done some calculations for you:

1-year-old dog = 31-year-old human
3-year-old dog = 49-year-old human
5-year-old dog = 57-year-old human
10-year-old dog = 68-year-old human
15-year-old dog = 74-year-old human

As you can see a 31-year-old human is certainly more advanced than a 7-year-old human, which explains why 1 year old dogs are pretty capable (they may actually be closer to 31!).

It’s important to note, this research is preliminary and the researchers only used Labradors to test their theory, so whether it extends to other breeds is yet to be confirmed.

However, it’s quite interested and once confirmed will help owners and vets better cater to the needs of dogs based on a more accurate age. This in turn, may help with preventing illness and disease and hopefully increase their lifespan!