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Why you need to feed your dog seafood

When you think about seafood and pets, cats obviously spring to mind but you need to feed your dog seafood too! Cats clearly love a good serving of fish – so many people ask – should I give my dog seafood? The answer is (usually), yes. Unless you know that seafood does not agree with your dog, it is a great protein to add to their diet. It is very easily digestible for most cats and dogs. Seafood is low in saturated fat, so there is less chance of your pet becoming overweight. Here are a few reasons why you need to consider adding fish and seafood to your dog’s diet: 


  1. Seafood helps a with an oh-so-shiny coat 

Is there anything better than patting your silky dog or cat thanks to their shiny, healthy coat? High-quality seafood contains omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, which can contribute to overall skin and coat health. A lustrous coat signals health and vitality, and a flaky coat can be a sign of underlying health complications such as inflammation and even thyroid, kidney, or liver disease. Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) help protect the skin and coat and keep it shiny. EPA helps combat inflammation. Green lipped muscles are a key ingredient in our Cat Seafood and our Ocean Fish and Salmon dry food for dogs – read more about the benefits here.  


2. Seafood helps with collagen production = elasticity AND strength


It is important to help arm your dog with vital nutrients to help them age. Fish helps lubricate arthritic joints in cats. fish oil has been proven to increase mobility in arthritic cats by preventing the production of prostaglandins that exacerbate joint pain. The anti-inflammatory effects of fish oil can help your cat increase their comfort, letting them move with more freedom and a better range of motion. Likewise feeding your dog seafood will help them produce more collagen – helping ligaments, joints, tendons, cartilage, and skin. As well as helping movement, seafood also helps build strength in teeth, hair, bones, and skin. Supplementing your dog’s diet as they get older will help maintain muscle and skeletal health. 


3. Seafood will help your dog’s immune system  


Seafood is a great source of selenium which plays an important part in the immune system of your dog. It helps prevent damage to cells and tissues. There is also a major source of iron, which helps produce red blood cells. An iron deficiency in a dog can make them feel tired and weak. The iron found in whitefish is easily absorbed making it an excellent choice for your dog. Fish is also packed with zinc, B-complex vitamins and vitamin A – which is a key vitamin to keep their immune system in great working order – helping them fight off infection and prevent disease  

Your dog’s diet should be considered just like your own: offering them complete and balanced meals. Moderation is important too. If you are keen to introduce fish to your dog’s diet – you could start by sprinkling some treats of their food at mealtimes. Our Barramundi Bites smell incredibly irresistible to your dog and they have health benefits to boot.